Hi everyone, wanted to let you know about all the benefits you will get in my course.

I have carefully designed each section to give the most efficient information.

It has taken me over 25 years of dancing to accumulate this knowledge 

for your benefit!

 I personally have used the warm ups, exercises, stretches, styling & combos you will find in

Dance with Anna to accumulate my dance accolades.

It is time to share my experiences & techniques to help you the 

students and professionals of the world achieve your dance & physical goals.

Please enjoy & lets develop as dancers together !

Thank you so much Anna! Your online dance course is wonderful because I travel for business. "Dance with Anna" online makes it easy to continue learning no matter where I am in the world !

- Angela Stevenson

This course has saved me so much money and time. Anna explains techniques and exercises so simply even beginners can pick up the information quickly.

-Irina Tarasova

I have just joined "Dance with Anna" but I have already learned more about technique & styling than 2 years of lessons. It feels like she can read my mind and answers the questions I had for years!

-Daisy Zimmerman